4th IODC



Oct 3rd


Encuentro Aporta: Global cooperation, local impact.

3rd October 2016, 9:30-15:30.

Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society. Capitán Haya , 41

Key event contact:
– José Ignacio Sánchez Valdenebro, JoseIgnacio.Sanchez@red.es

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Pre event notes:
Under the motto “Global cooperation, local impact,” the sixth edition of Encuentro Aporta 2016 will be held this year, convening Spanish experts with the purpose of putting together innovative solutions, establishing collaborations and sharing knowledge; all this with the objective of ensuring the global consensus needed to guarantee benefits from open data reuse.


– Putting together open data publication initiatives founded on coordination and harmonization as pillars that support the development of innovative solutions with economic and social impact.
– Analyzing good innovative, efficient, sustainable and replicable business practices, related with the development of products and services for public and/or private public sector information reuse.  
– Thinking together about local and global projects devised to promote key action areas in the global roadmap: standards, capacity and ability development, innovation and measuring of logos and the impact of actions.

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