4th IODC



Oct 4th-5th


OGP Natural Resources Peer Exchange

4th – 5th October 2016, 9:00-18:00.

RED.ES, Edificio Bronce, Plaza Manuel Gómez-Moreno, s/n, 28020 Madrid, Spain

Key event contact:
– Marie Lintzer, mlintzer@resourcegovernance.org
– Dana Wilkins, mlintzer@resourcegovernance.org

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Pre event notes:
This year’s peer exchange at IODC will focus on the implementation of OGP commitments related to the release of information, open data and the visualization of information relevant to topics identified by the working group members as being of most concern: royalties and payments from natural resource revenues, beneficial ownership and environmental disclosures. It aims to be a demand driven, hands-on workshop for a targeted group of working group countries and civil society members to address challenges in commitment implementation and learn how these have been overcome in similar contexts. The workshop will also bring in experts in the workshop themes to facilitate discussion and provide technical guidance.


–        Brainstorm ideas on how ONRWG members can address challenges in OGP natural resource (NR) commitment implementation and learn how these have been overcome in similar contexts
–        Share good practices, tools and material around transparency and accountability in natural resources
–        Identify needs and ways to create an environment for the release and use of NR data on government platforms
–        Strengthen capacity of ONRWG government members to address data management and implement systems for disclosure
–        Strengthen capacity of ONRWG civil society members to analyze/use NR information
–        Pilot partnership with the Open Data Working Group (ODWG), identify potential overlap and share technical information and skills on open data & visualizations.
–        Take advantage of the opportunity for ONRWG members and co-anchors to meet in-person and discuss next steps and focus for 2017

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