4th IODC



Oct 4th


Open Contracting. Progress, Challenges, Innovation

4th October 2016, 09:00-17:00.

Spain, Madrid, Convention Center IFEMA NORTE, Room C

Key event contact:
– Georg Neumann, gneumann@open-contracting.org

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Pre event notes:
The meeting will bring together open contracting champions from different countries, sectors and stakeholder groups to
– Share new projects, approaches and tools to advance open contracting
– Support each other in exploring opportunities and challenges related to implementing the open contracting data standard
– Celebrate progress, learning, and the growing open contracting community

– 9.00 Welcome, framing and introductions
– 10.00 Open contracting innovations from around the world
Lightening talks from Canada, Colombia, France, Mexico City, Mexico, Moldova, Nigeria, Paraguay, Ukraine, UK, Vietnam, and Zambia and deep dives into shared examples.
– 13.30 Learning from implementation experience and consulting on upgrades to the OCDS and presentation on OCDS uptake & upgrades
– 2.30 Group work on addressing opportunities and challenges related to implementing open contracting and the OCDS
– 4.15 Closing
– 5.00 End

Location map:

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