4th IODC



Oct 4th


Open Data for Disaster Response – Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

4th October 2016, 09:30-11:30.

Spain, Madrid, Centro de convenciones IFEMA NORTE, Room D.

Key event contact:
– Sajjad Anwar, sajjad@mapbox.com
– Sumandro Chattapdhyay sumandro@cis-india.org

Main language:

Pre event notes:
The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) applies the principles of open source and open data sharing for humanitarian response and economic development. OpenStreetMap is the one of the largest open data projects with millions of contributors, mapping different parts of the world. This session will focus on some of the recent HOT ‘activations’, stories from volunteers and the field, anecdotes about the tools, data, and processes.


– Share stories of open data supporting disaster response and resilience.

– Understand how this process works in countries or agencies of representing individuals and learn about challenges using open data during disaster response.

– Learn and teach the mapping tools and how everyone can be part of this movement.

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