Oct 4th


Open Data Journalism

4th October, 15:30-19:30.

Spain, Madrid. MEDIALAB

Key event contact:
– Craig Hammer, chammer@worldbank.org

Main language:
English and Spanish with no formal translation

Pre event notes:
This session will examine the role of media as a user (and re-user) of open data, with an emphasis on impacts achieved, challenges encountered, opportunities identified, and next steps for the open data-driven news media.

The session will also examine the extent to which public media around the world are embracing their role in serving diverse communities as a public ‘platform’ to amplify citizen voice (including the poor and marginalized) to enable broad public participation, discussion, and debate on issues that they themselves identify as salient to their livelihoods and development. It will likewise explore the utility of Open Data as a resource, which public media can use to serve as a ‘barometer’ to surface public opinion, stress-test decisions, and help close feedback loops to government and service providers by elevating issues into the public consciousness for action.

We will hear how, in the context of socioeconomic development around the world, media can further enable mass public consumption of key data (particularly ‘opened’ budget and other government data) for sharpened public awareness and comprehension of key development issues, and stronger data-driven decision-making at all levels. This includes demystifying complex concepts for public access and understanding of key issues, and enabling the public (including the poor) to voice their priorities and perspectives, toward become more active agents of their own development. Please join us!


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