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Oct 5th


Openness and National Statistical Offices: A Review of Available Tools and Methods

5th October 2016, 14:30-17:30.

Spain, Madrid, Centro de convenciones IFEMA NORTE, Room C.

Sponsored by:
The World Bank Group, Open Data for Development (OD4D), PARIS21, Open Data Watch, all proud members of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Key event contact:
-Fernando Perini, fperini@idrc.ca

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Pre event notes:
This session (3 hours) will focus on the broader context for interactions among the NSO and Open Data communities. The session will focus on questions including: How can open data help with addressing some of the SDG data challenges?
Where can NSOs and their partners get big returns from their investment in data, even in 2016? Are there places for quick actions or low-hanging fruit? What are the experiences of NSOs actively involved in this work? What are the key tools and services partner agencies are offering to support open data in NSOs?

This highly interactive session will discuss the practicalities and opportunities for open data in official statistics for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). During this session, government representatives will discuss experiences and plans for open data and experts will provide information on the innovative tools and approaches they are using to support open data efforts.

This session will include participation from national statistical office (NSO) senior management, and will stimulate discussions on opportunities and challenges for open data in NSOs. Throughout the session, participants will aim to identify synergies for the implementation of the SDGs while also looking for linkages between NSOs open data efforts and other government open data initiatives. At the conclusion of the session, participants will discuss future areas for actions on open data by NSOs between IODC 16 and IODC 17.

The expectation for this session is:
a) Encourage participation from NSOs at the senior management level;
b) Stimulate discussions of opportunities and challenges for open data in NSOs; c) share information and look for linkages between NSOs open data efforts and other government open data initiatives; and 3) synergies with respect to national statistics and open data linked to implementation of the global goals
c) Review and provide feedback on some of the available tools and services offered by partner agencies; and
d) Agree on future areas for actions on open data by NSOs between IODC 16 and IODC 17.

Agenda will include:
– Welcoming and introductory remarks by the hosts of the session: Amparo Ballivian (World Bank), Fernando Perini (OD4D), Johannes Jutting (PARIS21), Sanjeev Khagram (GPSDD), and Shaida Badiee (ODW)
– A set of presentations by the partners on tools and services offered to countries to support their open data related initiatives including GPSDD Toolbox’s Open Data Module and other tools offered by The World Bank, Regional Banks, PARIS21, Development Gateway, CODE, OD4D and ODC, ODW, etc.
– A panel of country representatives to discuss and review progress, opportunities, and challenges and provide feedback on the offered tools noted earlier.
– Break-out sessions to: a) review the status, highlighting 3 areas of opportunities that many more countries can explore further; b) taking note of 3 areas of challenges/barriers many countries are facing that could be further supported at national and international level; and c) suggestions for a possible joint plan of action to be reviewed at the IODC 2017.
– Closing and summary of future areas for action.

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