Sep 26th – Oct 5th



26th September 2016 – 5th October, 9:30-19:30.

Spain, Madrid. MEDIALAB

Key event contact:
-Adolfo Antón, adolfo@medialab-prado.es

Main language:
The language of the workshop will be English and Spanish with no formal translation.

Pre event notes:
Day after day, we observe an increase in the number of cities that are enacting and developing open data and transparency policies, publishing catalogues of data related with the administrative processes (budgets, calls for tenders, plans), infrastructure and the use that citizens make of them, environmental conditions, sociocultural services, etc. These groups of data can be analyzed in several ways so as to improve urban planning and the wellbeing in the city, as well as to adapt the functioning of the infrastructure and public services to the needs of its citizens.

But beyond this idea of planning, efficiency and monitoring of the urban sphere, when we talk about open cities we also refer to how these data cities can be experienced by their citizens in several and critical ways, nurturing a complex and rich ecosystem where uses, needs and desires can be constantly redefined.

Visualizar’16, Ciudades Abiertas, Open Cities suggests working with urban open data, but also and above all with data that citizens consciously decide to generate, control, recover, interpret and share.

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