4th IODC



Wednesday 5th

  • 17:30-20:00
Data movida
You are invited to join us on Madrid’s first walking data symposium. Four great speakers will share their insights at four specially chosen locations… More info

Thursday 6th & Friday 7th

“Data2Life. Life2Data” and “TechMousso: Gender + Data”
Every single day we produce, consume, or use data. Data plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives as it permeates our choices and actions. However… More info

Friday 7th

  • 08:30-09:30
USAID Open Data Roundtable Breakfast: Building a Community Around High-Quality, Demand-Driven Data
 Are you working on a topic of importance to international development? Interested in learning about donor agency data services and portals that… More info
  • 09:30-12:30
Open Data in Athletics
Exploring how Open Data, Open Standards and Open Source code can benefit and potentially transform one of the world’s biggest sports… More info
  • 12:45-13:45
OGP Strategy Dialogues: Shape the Future of OGP!
 he Civil Society members of the OGP Steering Committee invite you to join them for the OGP Strategy Dialogues, an opportunity for… More info
  • 14:30-15:30
Build Your Open Data Expert Network
Imagine being able to tap into the knowledge of hundreds of open data experts whenever you need their advice… More info

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