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Calling all open data enthusiasts: Help us capture the outcomes of #IODC16!

September 22, 2016 by IODC Organizing Team

Are you good at writing? Enthusiastic about open data? A social media superstar? And attending IODC?

Then volunteer to help us advance the open data cause!

The main volunteer role is that of rapporteur. While it does require a small time commitment during the conference, we’re trying to organize volunteer roles so that it complements your existing plans.

Signing up to rapporteur involves:

o   Taking high-level notes in a shared doc for approximately 1-3 conference panels or a pre-event.

o   Supporting social media for the selected session such as blogging, Twitter, and Snapchat.

o   Potentially: using your personal device to help live stream smaller sessions in coordination with the IODC social media team.

Benefits include:

o   Named recognition – everything you write/promote for social media is via your handles and publically attributed to you.

o   A shout out in the conference report for your rapporteur role.

o   You help capture the outcomes of the conference in a meaningful way and advance the field of open data.

o   We’ll do our best to ensure when you sign up to rapporteur for sessions, it will be sessions you would have attended anyways.

Rapporteurs are really critical for a conference with the breadth of IODC – your role in capturing key outcomes from panels, sessions, and pre-events helps to share what happened with people who can’t attend, and also to shape how key themes are discussed at the conference.

Sign-up here to volunteer:

Featured image: MindJournal.

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