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The democratization of geospatial data

June 2, 2016 by Eva Cabanach

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The concept of “open data” is the idea that data should be freely accessible to everyone without restrictions. Websites and organizations like NYC Open Data and Data.gov are doing their part in making information free and available. But what can you do with that information once you have it?

CartoDB is working towards innovation in favor of open data and open source, with location intelligence (http://go.cartodb.com/location-intelligence-white-paper) and data-driven visualization and analysis as an essential way to take advantage of open data.

The “Open Data Spirit” is what we talk about at events like IODC, or initiatives such as GIS (Open Street Map, https://www.openstreetmap.org/) or governments with “open” consciences such as New Zealand (https://data.govt.nz/) or Canada (open.canada.ca/).

Sharing data with this vision in mind helps governments like Medellín (http://go.cartodb.com/visualizing-the-future-of-smart-cities-with-location-intelligence-cartodb), Chicago, or New York manage incidents related to weather, day-to-day resources, and logistics management.

Businesses can also benefit from the “open data spirit.” Organizations and companies need a good data augmentation application (https://cartodb.com/case-studies/illustreets), that facilitates decision-making based on data — from generating datasets with a clear focus, to using tools that help people to integrate available data with other interesting databases, as well as several private initiatives that give insightful business intelligence an advantage, such as the Real Estate use case Grow London (http://go.cartodb.com/visualizing-connections-with-grow.london-and-cartodb).

CartoDB embraces the open data spirit and we look forward to continuing the discussion at IODC on how businesses, governments, and everyone can take advantage of open data sources. Let’s make open data a reality through more open access and architecture!

Happy data mapping!


Cover photo by João Silas.


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