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Highlighting use cases from the Open Data Impact Map: QEdu making education data accessible to anyone

This blog is part of a short series by The Center for Open Data Enterprise. The purpose of the series is to highlight use cases from the Open Data Impact Map, which will be launched October 3, 2016 in preparation for the 4th International Open Data Conference.

Open data is being used by organizations globally to make educational opportunities accessible in many ways. They use this information to help parents and students make more informed educational choices, inform better allocation of resources, and provide technical training.

One example of an organization using open data for better educational outcomes is QEdu, a portal that displays public information on the quality of learning in each school, county and state in Brazil. By monitoring the performance results of national education institutions, QEdu aims to make education data simple and accessible to anyone, whether student, teacher, manager, journalist, researcher, or secretary.

Source: QEdu

QEdu makes use of various datasets from the Ministry of Education in Brazil, particularly the ones related to the assessment of the quality of the Brazilian educational system, to offer a website in which users can explore the data intuitively. The numbers provided by QEdu have also resulted in studies such as the “Excelência com Equidade” held by the Lemann Foundation in partnership with Itaú BBA Bank, whose focus was public schools that host students of low socioeconomic status. In this study, 215 schools were identified throughout Brazil as successful case studies in which students of low socioeconomic status performed with distinction.

This example, and many others, will be featured on the Open Data Impact Map (www.OpenDataImpactMap.org), officially launching October 3rd for the 4th International Open Data Conference. The Open Data Impact Map is a public database of organizations using open data from around the world. It allows users to explore a database of 1700+ organizations in from 80+ countries, and learn more about the types of data they are using, how they are using it, and the impact it has on their work.

The Open Data for Development (OD4D) network in partnership with the Center for Open Data Enterprise will be launching the Open Data Impact Map at IODC. For more information, visit the OD4D booth during the conference.


Cover photo by Thomas Martinsen

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