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How entrepreneurs and civil society organizations are collaboratively mapping open data use

May 29, 2015 by IODC

A guest post from Joel Gurin & Laura Manley of the Center for Open Data Enterprise

Yesterday, the Center for Open Data Enterprise launched the Open Data Impact Map as a project of the OD4D network. The Map is a “big tent” project, designed to pull together examples of all kinds of open data use cases from around the world. It includes large organizations and small, for-profit and nonprofit, local and national – anyone using open government data to create products, services, programs, or other applications of open data that can have a positive impact.

​ When the Center launched the Map in a beta version yesterday morning, it included 700 examples from over 60 countries. It’s already proven to be an important tool for organizing and visualizing the world of projects now using open data in many different ways. ​Through postcards, online surveys, and hallway conversations, conference attendees have been sharing new examples and insights with the Center for Open Data Enterprise team. The Map is designed to put all kinds of information on a common platform, comparing open data use cases from previous studies, new research, and individual contributions.

In the months ahead, we will continue our outreach for the Map, and we welcome the input and contributions from the widespread open data community. Open data by its very nature helps encourage community engagement and socially conscious innovation. In many countries, we’re finding that the line between entrepreneurship and civil society engagement can be a fluid one.  We’re finding both for-profit and nonprofit actors using open data to improve health care, promote new energy sources, promote education, reduce environmental pollution, and take on many other challenges that have high social value.

​Between now and next January, we’ll be taking the Map from its current beta version to an official launch with many more international use cases. ​We encourage members of the open data community to get involved!

  1. Check out the Map visualization
  2. Take the survey or
  3. Contact us at map@odenterprise.org to become a Regional Supporter.

Thank you for helping to build the Map as a resource for the open data community. Your contributions, insights and input help make this a truly global view of open data’s impact.

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