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Madrid. October 6-7, 2016


Introduction to the Action Areas Blog Series: Roadmap in motion

As the countdown to the 4th International Data Conference draws closer and closer to a close, thinking about the progress and challenges we have faced since the 2015 IODC becomes increasingly important. How far have we come in the year and a half since Ottawa? Have we moved forward in the ways we envisioned?Who is engaging, and who needs to be engaged to create open data progress? What key conversations do we need to have to realize global goals and local impact? What is next for the open data community?

After the 3rd IODC, which was held in Ottawa, Canada last May, a conference report was put together that worked to highlight all of the key outcomes of the event. A particularly pertinent section of the report debriefed on last year’s five Action Areas. Though the Action Areas have changed and grown slightly since last year, they are still very much a central force that drives IODC and the Roadmap.

The Action Areas act as an important connection between broad community dialogues, the discussions at the IODC pre-events, the conference, and the final report that will be developed. To engage directly with these dialogues, we invite you to attend the Action Sessions on the morning of Friday, October 7.

For this year’s event there are 8 Action Areas:

  1. The Charter
  2. Standards
  3. Capacity Building
  4. Innovation: Private Sector
  5. Innovation: Cities
  6. Measurement
  7. Global Goals, Country Impact
  8. Regional Agendas

As we get ready to meet, learn, and share at IODC16, we are pleased to introduce a blog series made up of content developed by the Action Anchors teams. Titled, “Roadmap in Motion: The Action Areas Blog Series”, it will include approximately 2 blog entries from each Action Area. The first will come before IODC16; it will reflect on the outcomes of IODC15, look at where we have come in the 17 months between the two events, and discuss what is expected and/or anticipated to come from each Action Area at IODC16.

A second post from each Action Area will come shortly after IODC16, which will provide a brief summary of the ideas, discussions, and commitments shared within each Action Area. It will provide the basis for the next conference report: a means to capture and share key commitments, cases, and progress.

We are also pleased to introduce the Roadmap Coordinators and authors: Civica.Digital. Their vision for engaging with the open data community and for advancing important dialogues will provide an important frame for the Open Data Roadmap moving forward.

We would also like to thank all of the organizations and groups that submitted Action proposals. These proposals have helped to shape and inform the upcoming dialogues of the conference, feed into pre-events, and engage in key commitments.

We look forward to sharing these posts with you and welcome your feedback and comments. Please feel free to communicate with us!


Cover photo by Joshua K. Jackson

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