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#IODC15: Alex Howard's Interview with DJ Patil

August 7, 2015 by IODC

Alexander Howard, The Huffington Post’s senior editor of technology and society, sat down with DJ Patil, Chief Data Scientist at The United States Office of Science and Technology Policy to talk government data, open data, and the changes and activities needed to propel the data revolution.

Patil begins by emphasizing the great importance of open data, explaining how it is an essential element of our existence that is necessary to further develop and flourish. Without open data, we can’t understand our problems, and therefore can’t get better. With open data, we are able to assess problems, and identify solutions. For example, Patil discusses the emerging importance of organizational data democratization, wherein all members of a company have access to the organization’s data. In this way, organizations are better equipped to understand themselves and, in turn, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

Though Howard and Patil discuss various aspects of open data, a highlight of the interview is Patil’s explanation of the three considerations required to maximize the returns of open data for the public, while minimizing harm. Patil breaks his answer down into three main points:
-Open data needs to be understood as an ecosystem.
-We need to think about what is the right way to produce open data and ensure that it is sufficient.
-We need to better define and implement standards bodies.

Check out the video below for the complete interview:

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