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All the open data community is invited to contribute to the agenda and develop the outcomes of the 4th International Open Data Conference (IODC) to be held in Madrid on October 6-7, 2016.

IODC 2106 will be built on the successful experience of IODC 2015 and will take into consideration the results of many other relevant open data events, leveraging the momentum of the existing collaborations of the growing open data community, to release and expand the potential of open data.

We are opening three forms of contribution that will help us shape the conference agenda and its results:

  • Call for Impact: inspiring open-data-driven initiatives
  • Call for Sharing: collaborative learning, skills, and good practices
  • Call for Action: building a roadmap for the global open data community

You may submit more than one proposal, but each submission must be made separately. Submissions must be received no later than April 3rd, 2016.

The working language of IODC 2016 will be English; thus, proposals and presentations are only accepted in English. Should your proposal be accepted, please note that presentations must be completed in person and in English; thus, translators and video recordings or direct call videos are not permitted.

The contributions received during the Call for Proposals will be reviewed by members of the Programme Committee. The members of the Programme Committee are key experts, representing relevant institutions with experience working in different Open Data fields. They will contribute generously with their time to help building the best possible agenda for the Open Data community.

Please note that all participants (attendees and participants) in IODC 2016 must agree to the terms and conditions of the IODC Code of Conduct.


Inspiring Open Data-driven Initiatives.


Collaborative Learning, Skills, and Good Practice:


Building a Roadmap for the Global Open Data Community


Time Line

1st March

Launching call for proposals.

3rd April

Closing of period to receive proposals 

27th May

Publication of IODC16 Conference Programme


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