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Let’s move one step beyond! What’s your commitment to open data?

The last International Open Data Conference concluded with a call for action with hundreds of commitments that started a collaborative roadmap (available here). For IODC 2016, we want to review where we’ve come with the roadmap, discuss what’s next – and include new commitments to action that will sustain global goals, attract new people into the space, and continue to drive change around the world.

Your submissions to the Call for Action will help produce a revised version of the community-led IODC roadmap, which will include updated priorities, commitments and required collaborative actions. We would like to know your commitments to action that should be included in this global roadmap.

The IODC will have interactive sessions and debates addressing and highlighting your actions and exploring new opportunities for international collaboration.

Submissions for this Call for Action should:

(a) Commitments to specific local and global actions for furthering one of the Action Areas:

  • The Charter: actions and political commitments to high quality open data principles and policies, including the adoption ad implementation of the International Open Data Charter.
  • Standards: actions to develop and adopt good practices and open standards for data publication as well as to strengthen the use and impact of open data standards that foster social and economic change.
  • Capacity Building: actions to build  the capacity of open data leaders in government, private sector and civil society and ensuring that data promotes inclusion and widens participation so that everyone can benefit from the data revolution.
  • Innovation:  Actions and innovation networks to scale social and economic open data innovations that work and use open data strategies in addressing key sectoral challenges.
  • Measurement: Actions to build common measurement and evaluation tools and initiatives to learn, monitor and build accountability of open data initiatives.

Your submission should detail your commitment(s) and how you are advancing the action area forward, including but not limited to defining: opportunities and context, anticipated users and audiences, challenges that need to be addressed, and the importance of discussing this action at the global level.


(b) Make a strong case for adding an additional Action Area to the roadmap:

Is a new context or reality present in the open data space in 2016 that needs action? Make a case for a new action area by: clarifying the need for this new area and explaining why you feel it is not captured under the existing action areas, and outlining key actors within this new area, and the need for a roadmap going forward.

We encourage those submitting to Call for Action to review the report produced from the 3rd International Open Data Conference held in Ottawa in May 2015 (available here). This report provides greater detail on the specific Action Areas.

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