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Those Impact Sessions that are selected for IODC 2016 will be categorized by themes (which are outlined below) to create specific panels made of of various Impact Stories. Impact Stories are to be presented as “lightning-style” talks, which will be approximately 5-8 minutes .

Due to the rapid and intimate nature of these sessions, each submission can only include one presenter and presenters are moderated to ensure that they speak within the time limit provided. The purpose of these sessions is to get a diverse view of open data achievements in a specific area and allow for interactivity and audience questions.

Submissions for the Impact sessions should include a summary of your involvement in solving an important or pertinent problem by using open data. Clear examples and evidence of impact must be included. Clear indication of the sector and region in which the impact has occurred must also be included.

The provisional list of areas in which submission will be classified is:

  • Agriculture
  • Cities
  • Climate change
  • Education
  • Elections
  • Environment
  • Extractives
  • Health
  • Indigenous communities
  • Media, journalism, and culture
  • Parliaments
  • Public finances and accountability
  • Statistics
  • Tourism
  • Transport
  • Utilities (water, energy, ..)
  • Geospatial/spatial planning
  • Open science
  • Other

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