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Evaluation phase

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Lead your own session!

Sharing Sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging thematic spaces to have in-depth engagement with peers on specific open data subjects.

Sharing sessions seek to allow interest groups or thematic communities to gather together in order to discuss specific topics to solve challenges, collect best practices and learn from others.

Innovative approaches for the use of this time is highly encouraged. Sharing sessions can be proposed in a variety of formats, such as a panels, tutorials, or workshops.

If you want to host a panel, an interactive workshop, a tutorial, or other kind of event on a specific topic, let us know! You can have an agenda slot reserved for you and your group of experts.

All the ideas from the community will be taken into account, and we will do our best to accommodate your proposal.

Sessions can last between one and two hours.

Submissions must include a tentative agenda, a detailed composition of the session and the requirements (e.g. 1-hour hands-on workshop with 2 speakers, moderator, a flipchart, WiFi connection, a video-projector). Besides, they must identify questions that will be addressed and the expected outcomes. These proposals will also include names of potential speakers, and intended audience for the session.

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