4th IODC

Programme Committee

Smart Cities and Open Data Area

Sonia Castro García-Muñoz

Public Business entity Red.es

During the past five years, Sonia Castro has been manager in the Aporta initiative framework, a national project established with the objective of promoting the release of information culture in Spain.

Among the various tasks being performed, it is worth mentioning those dealing with consulting services to administrations and public bodies on the release of data, the elaboration of educational materials, the definition and management of the national catalogue of reusable public information (datos.gob.es), the collaboration in the enacting of national policies aimed at establishing technical interoperability guidelines and requirements for open data reuse, and participation in pan-European projects such as the Open Data Monitor.

 Previously, she collaborated –in the public and private sector– on the orientation and implementation of strategies to foster the application of ICT in the educational system, and on the design of spaces of shared digital knowledge generation.

 She holds a Master’s degree in Information and Knowledge Society, specializing in Knowledge Economy and Network Company.

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