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Madrid. October 6-7, 2016


Launch of the updated Open Data Impact Map


At the 3rd International Open Data Conference in Ottawa, Canada in 2015 the beta version of the Open Data Data Impact Map was launched to provide governments, international organizations, and researchers with a more comprehensive understanding of the demand for open data.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the updated Open Data Impact Map, displaying over 1700 organizations that use open data from 96 countries. The website (http://OpenDataImpactMap.org), a project of the Open Data for Development (OD4D) Network, features new findings and use case pages by region and sector.

The organizations displayed on the Map include  companies, nonprofits, academic institutions, and developer groups. They use open government data for advocacy, to develop products and services, improve operations, inform strategy, and conduct research. The Map has been made possible by the open data community: it is a collaborative effort that draws on previous studies, contributions from an international network of 30 Regional Supporters, open data users themselves, and additional research.



Each sector and region page highlights trends in open data use based on the Map’s data. You can see visualizations that show types of data most used and characteristics of the organizations that use open data. Each page includes highlighted use cases to illustrate the findings. Additionally, the information is available in downloadable, one-page fact sheets for each region or sector, along with the relevant data from the Open Data Impact Map.


By showing how many diverse organizations are using open data in innovative ways, the Map provides a compelling rationale for growing government data programs. Understanding who uses open data and how this public resource is utilized can help prioritize datasets, inform investments, and inspire new applications for economic growth and social good..

For more information, go to http://OpenDataImpactMap.org, and visit the OD4D booth during the conference.


Cover photo by César Quintero

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