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More than 250 speakers will take part in the foremost international open data event in Madrid

July 26, 2016 by IODC0
  • Experts from more than 42 countries will address 24 thematic areas from the open data domain such as smart cities, transport, education, agriculture, environment, transparency or data journalism, among others.
  • The official programme has been released and the pre-registration period has been opened for those who wish to attend this important convention for the open data community. Attendance is free of charge and the pre-registration form is available on the website opendatacon.org.
  • The election of Spain to host the event for the first time in Europe means an opportunity to strengthen the positioning of our country as a model in the release of data.
  • According to data from ONTSI, the infomediary sector has reached in Spain a turnover of €500 million and currently generates 4,700 jobs.

Tuesday July 26th, 2016. The 4th International Open Data Conference has published the official programme of this international convention, celebrated for the first time in Europe on October 6 and 7 in Madrid, under the motto ‘Global goals, local impact.’

This event, organized by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society and the public business institution Red.es, will convene more than 250 speakers who will debate on 24 thematic areas related with open data. The Conference, which anticipates an attendance of 1,200 people, contemplates the organization of 76 sessions in different formats (workshops, round tables, panels, etc.).

IODC16 will have some of the most relevant personalities in the global open data sphere who will share their experience during plenary sessions, including presentations about the use of open data in business, the global reach of the sector and its impact at local level, the management of statistics, the possibilities that data bring to analyze all aspects of life, or the importance that data-extraction techniques and their use in the new forms of journalism have acquired.

Wide international involvement in the definition of the Programme

The heterogeneous content of the Conference agenda has been configured according to the 624 proposals submitted to the call for proposals from 76 countries by more than 440 different applicants from the open data community. Consequently, IODC16 has defined a complete programme, organized around the following categories:

  • Impact: open data initiatives with a real impact on people’s lives. These short sessions will present open data cases about different topics: territorial planning, assistance, agriculture, education, services, accountability, transport, humanitarian issues, culture, parliaments, business models, budgets, environment, journalism, cities, hacking data, science, anti-corruption, gender, inequality, disaster management, indigenous, extractives and language processing systems.
  • Action and Sharing sessions: lectures, meetings and work groups devised to keep configuring the roadmap for the open data community, focused on different lines of action: charter, standards, innovation, capacity building, measuring and increasing impacts and global goals. These sessions are intended to share the expertise of the field, to debate and collect best practices implemented by different collectives (companies, civic organizations and research groups, among others), as well as by governments from all across the world.
  • Main Conferences: these plenary sessions will address the latest and most relevant topics in the open data field at international level.
  • Regional Talks: sessions with representatives from all regions in the world.


More than 76 sessions to debate about open data

The heterogeneity of the IODC16 programme will bring attendees the opportunity to choose among a wide variety of lectures according to their interests or areas of activity.

IFEMA Convention Center will have more than six rooms where real impact cases related with open data will be presented, and from fields such as geo-spatial planning, transport, parliaments, inequality, gender, humanitarian and environmental issues, disaster management, education, science, data journalism, smart cities, accountability and transparency, among others.

The IODC16 programme also includes sessions aimed at the most professional aspect of the open data sector that will resume the topics started in previous editions –held in the United States and Canada–: the Charter, data publication standards, latest innovations in the field, capacity development, impact measuring and increase and global objectives. Sharing and Action sessions will be celebrated on the second day of the Conference.

Spain, open data leader – Public Sector Information reuse

Thanks to the contribution of all actors and the collective effort in the release of data that has been happening for years, Spain has stated its important position in the international context regarding the release of public data.

EPSI Platform, European project promoted by the European Commission, is a project that has positioned itself as a model and generates an international comparative called “The PSI Scoreboard,” where Spain holds second position in Europe, right behind the United Kingdom.

PSI reuse contributes to the creation of new added value services that generate new economic activity and improve citizens’ quality of life.

According to the reports elaborated by the ONTSI of Red.es, in Spain the infomediary sector –dedicated to the generation of products, applications or added value services from PSI information– reached a turnover of between 450 and 500 million and generated between 4,200 and 4,700 jobs.

If we add private sector information to PSI reuse, which often combine to generate added value services, the turnover of the infomediary sector would be of about €1,100 million.

The pre-registration period to attend IODC16 is now open

All those who wish to attend the 4th International Open Data Conference, IODC16, can make their free pre-registration through the form available on the Conference website, opendatacon.org, and that will be available until full capacity is reached.

4th International Open Data Conference

Organized by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society and the public business institution Red.es, jointly with the World Bank, the International Development Research Centre of Canada (IDRC) and the Open Data for Development Network (OD4D), IODC16 is one of the most relevant meeting points to debate those issues established in the global open data agenda (Open Data Charter) and search for innovative solutions in areas such as education, transport, consumer goods, electricity, extractives, health and personal finances.

Under the motto ‘Global goals, local impact,’ IODC16 will continue the work initiated in prior editions and faces the challenge of opening new projects to the world, facilitating dialogue about the challenges that worry the international open data community and promoting the distribution of solutions to the issues raised.

The programme can be seen in detail at www.opendatacon.org/agenda


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