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Open Data in Half a Day

September 30, 2016 by ODI Madrid

ODI Madrid is a node of the Open Data Institute that aims at creating learning, market value and an appropriate ecosystem for a good use and reuse of open data through the delivery of specific ODI training courses, the organization of events and the promotion of relevant information for the sector.

For that end, ODI Madrid is supported by the Ontology Engineering Group (OEG) (www.oeg-upm.es), in which a team of researchers in the areas of open data, ontologies, Semantic Web, linked data, multilingualism and open science work closely with industry partners that use open data as a fundamental tool: smart cities, public administrations, digital humanities, education…

Open Data in Half a Day will take place next October 4 from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm in Room D at the IFEMA North Convention Center, set within the pre-events of the International Open Data Conference,

The course, organized by the ODI Madrid team –also members of the Ontology Engineering Group (OEG)– will carry its participants through an itinerary of a practical nature, starting with a short presentation of the basic concepts of open data. This introduction will allow participants to share their own ideas and expertise, and right afterwards it will proceed with an interactive session.

The Methodological guide for sectoral open data plans, which Red.es and the Aporta Initiative published in August, demonstrates the existence of a strong infomediary sector, as well as an active data market “that generates a representative volume of business and offers a series of qualified and quality job positions.” However, this confirms that we are still far from the profits expected during the initial studies. The report analyzes the current state of affairs of open data and states that we need to “promote a dynamic ecosystem around open data, capable of generating solutions”, which will help overcome the obstacles and specific challenges arising in each sector. Among the aspects defined as necessary to create this ecosystem and overcome cultural obstacles to come, some privacy, legal, organizational, semantic and technical elements were established, all of them concluding with a training session. This is, then, the last obstacle to overcome; essential to count on the opportunities they provide us to launch any project having open data at its core.

At the Open Data in Half a Day course, there is an introduction to open data, including a section with the basic terminology to elaborate a good dataset, information about their publication, and an outline of the necessary licenses to use databases. To close the course, there will be a presentation of different cases of open data use. This closing session is established here as the core of the course, which will capacitate participants to address the benefits and opportunities of open data as raw material.

The main objectives of this training session are: identifying a list of formats for the publication of data and a list of repositories to find them; the application of the five open and linked data principles, and the actual application of copyright and open data-related licenses.

After the course, participants will know how to recognize the benefits of open data to apply them at their organization and will be able to use them, addressing success stories and projects launched thanks to a good application of open data.

Attendance to the course –aimed and organized for businessmen, public and/or private sector employees, people studying a master’s degree or major– is free of charge, and a form has been elaborated for those interested to send their information and interests prior to its celebration.


Cover photo by Caleb George.

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