IODC 2016


The global open data community will come together to shape the agenda and results of the 4th International Open Data Conference (IODC).

IODC16 Madrid will be designed not as a single statement on open data, but rather as a curated record of discussions and debates, providing a snapshot of key issues and setting out a path forward based on the visions, ideas, and agreements explored at IODC 2015 and collected in this report:

foldExplore the interactive version of the report on Fold.

FOLD is an experimental reading, authoring, and publishing platform created at the MIT Media Lab with support from the Center for Civic Media. Our fold report embeds links to conference videos, blog posts and related content alongside each section of the report. 



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@opendatacon – 12 hours

Australian government wants local councils to be open about their data via #opendata

@opendatacon – 13 hours

Convirtiendo los datos en algo social, ya en el Open Data Handbook vía #opendata

@opendatacon – 16 hours

El gobierno australiano quiere que los ayuntamientos abran sus datos vía #DatosAbiertos

@opendatacon – 17 hours

Un árbol genealógico de 1,6 millones de personas hecho usando vía @EU_DataPortal

@opendatacon – 17 hours

Making data social, now in the Open Data Handbook via #opendata

@opendatacon – 18 hours

A family tree of 1.6 million persons made using by Dutch students via @EU_DataPortal


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