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May 26, 2016 by IODC

Collaborate with opendatacon.org! We invite you to participate on the official IODC16 blog. Publish your own content, giving more visibility to your projects, ideas and thoughts. And, if you have already worked with us in previous editions, we encourage you to elaborate on your work.

The posts you send us can deal with different topics such as smart cities, data journalism, health, education, data visualization, agriculture, energy, mobile applications, environment, culture, open government, elections, standards, mapping, problem-solving based on open data, etc.

If you visit the official blog you will see that the 4th International Open Data Conference is based, to a certain extent, on the conclusions made at IODC15, held in Ottawa last year. Hence, since Canada, we have been working on a roadmap founded on five basic action areas:

  • Open Data Charter: to establish shared principles about open data.
  • Principles: to develop and adopt good practices and standards related with data publication.
  • Skills and learning: to develop the capacity of producing and using open data efficiently.
  • Problem-solving: to strengthen open data innovation networks.
  • Measuring: to adopt common measuring and evaluation tools.

With the purpose of standardizing the collaborations sent by the open data community, we attach a file with a basic template that you can complete and send to contact@opendatacon.org.

We thank you for your participation and involvement in IODC16.

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