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Share your best Open Data Fail based learning

September 20, 2016 by Andres Snitcofsky

Andres Snitcofsky is a graph designer and university teacher based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He worked in the motion graphics / broadcasting area of visual communications for more than 10 years, and specialized later in Data Visualization and open data projects and communities as Cargografias.org, Abrelatam, Hacks Hackers.

Essential items like microwave oven, X-rays, Penicillin or even the opendata-event-classic Post-Its where invented by mistake.

Not that those who were behind those achievements found them by chance. They were all trying hard to do something, but failed somehow. Their geniusness was to be open to learn from their fails and realize maybe something different could come out from the process.

In the innovation field connected with Open Data, where we are all looking for local impact of the global goals, most of the times we are in a quest to make some sort of project or endeavour work in a difficult context. Sometimes there is no data available, sometimes there is no software that can do what we want, most of the times the resources are sparse and, sadly, sometimes everything goes just fine, but nobody notices our tool.

But there is light at the end of that forgotten project path: Sharing the experiences, rise up the learnings and be open for others’ thoughts

That’s what we are aiming to do in this year’s IODC panel, called “My Best Open Data Fail”. Following the lines of “fuckup nights” events or the “Mi Mejor Error” panel in Abrelatam-Condatos 2015, we encourage whoever is reading this to use the form provided to submit your Fails, and what you learnt from them.

We will select a few of you, who are already coming to IODC this year, to join us on the stage, and the rest to join in the audience, or through the interwebs.

In Spanish we say “el ser humano es el único animal capaz de tropezar dos veces con la misma piedra” (“human is the only animal to always trip on/over the same stone”).

The aim of this panel is to try to help others don’t trip over the stone we have tripped so many times.

Please, fill this form with your Best Open Data Fail!

Note: I’m not part of the IODC organization, but just a panelist. Only those already coming to the IODC Conference, will be able to participate in the panel itself.


Cover photo by Charlotte Coneybeer

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