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This page contains a webcast recording from the Corporate Data Sharing for the Public Good: Shades of Open session at the 3rd International Open Data Conference.


Panel co-organized by The GovLab (NYU) and Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

The 2.5 quintillion bytes of data now being created on a daily basis — equivalent to a “new Google every four days” — represent an untapped potential for society. If used responsibly, the increased datafication of society may hold the key to helping address some of our most crucial social, economic, and political challenges. Yet much of the richest, most valuable data for helping tackle public problems lies in private hands. It is crucial to start focusing on how private companies and nonprofit organizations can create data collaboratives and open and share their data — including Web clicks, sensor data, online purchases, and research results — in a variety of ways with those those who are trying to tackle our most pressing public challenges.

While this next generation of “open data” is slowly emerging, key questions and persistent obstacles need to be considered. What sort of incentives lead businesses and nonprofits to decide to share their data assets? How can potential users of the data help allay concerns about privacy and competitive risks, and how should such users be chosen? What sorts of legal and technical frameworks — be they APIs, data pools, or research partnerships — are best suited to maximizing the public value of private data?

During this session, we will aim to take stock of current practices of data collaboration between private and public actors, explore the many “shades” of open data innovations, and how to ensure they are able to fulfill their potential to advance the public good in a responsible manner.

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Moderator: Stefaan Verhulst

  • Alix Dunn
  • Rohan Samarajiva
  • Martin Hilbert
  • Matt Stempeck

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