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This page contains a webcast recording from the Indigenous Data + Open Governments session at the 3rd International Open Data Conference.


From data sovereignty to the protection of cultural and community information, understanding the unique challenges of indigenous data.

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Moderator: Gwen Phillips

  • Desi Rodriguez Lonebear
  • Stephanie Carroll Rainie
  • Eileen Briggs

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  • Open data for indigenous communities June 5, 2015 A guest post from Ahmed T Rashid & Ruhiya Kristine Seward. #Indigenous #OpenData stories here at #IODC15 Unique insight from indigenous women in Canada, US, and New Zealand— Erik Waddell (@ErikWaddell) May 28, 2015 What does open data mean for 370 million indigenous people in 70 countries across the globe? The history of the collection […]



Presentation from: Gwen Phillips

Presentation from: Desi Rodriguez Lonebear

Presentation from: Stephanie Carroll Rainie

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