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This page contains a webcast recording from the Open Government Partnership: A Platform for Open Data Commitments session at the 3rd International Open Data Conference.


An overview of open data in the OGP and a discussion with representatives from leading OGP member countries on how to develop and implement effective national and multilateral open data commitments.

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Moderator: Stephen Walker

  • Ania Calderón
  • Laure Lucchesi
  • Joseph Foti
  • Fabrizio Scrollini
  • Radu Puchiu
  • Natalia Carfi
  • Jay Bhalla

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  • Open Government Partnership: A platform for Open Data Commitments June 5, 2015 A guest post from Mélanie Brunet and Silvana Fumega on the Open Government Partnership panel at IODC15. Open government and open data go hand in hand. The Open Government Partnership (OGP), a global platform for open government commitments, has helped implement many action plans(including over 200 open data commitments) since its inception in 2011, connecting allies […]
  • Introducing the OGP Explorer May 29, 2015 A cross-post from Paul Maasen, OGP. Today OGP is launching a new tool, the OGP Explorer. The core idea behind the OGP Explorer is to give the OGP community – civil society, academics, governments, journalists – easy access to the wealth of data that OGP has collected. It will make it much easier to answer […]


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