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This page contains a webcast recording from the The Emerging Impact of Open Data session at the 3rd International Open Data Conference.


Exploring the emerging impact of open data and its potential transformative influence in the global south.

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Moderator: Naser Faruqui

  • Savita Bailur
  • Zacharia Chilliswa
  • Becky Hogge
  • Fabrizio Scrollini

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  • Impact and infrastructures: reflections from the emerging impacts panel May 29, 2015 A guest post from Sherwin Ona, reflecting on the Emerging Impacts of Open Data panel. The panel discussion highlighted two main points namely: a) the difficulty of measuring open data impacts and b) the opportunities on how to measure its impacts. According to the discussions, the difficulty of measuring open data impacts can be traced […]



Presentation from: Fabrizio Scrollini

Presentation from: Zacharia Chiliswa

Presentation from: Savita Bailur

Presentation from: Becky Hogge

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